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Unfortunately, due to spam, I have had to remove the contact e-mail address from this website.


1. The development and hosting of this website has been partially funded by the National Lottery Awards for All scheme. This scheme is straightforward and decisions are made quickly. I recommend it to anyone who needs modest funding for an activity deemed to be of value to the community.

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2. I received my treatment at the Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. The NHS has a lot of bad publicity but this does not accord with my experience of the service. Consultants, radiographers, medical physics staff and nursing staff were all both kind and responsive to my many questions and requests. I could perhaps have been diagnosed earlier but, that apart, everything worked very well.

I would not have put together this website if I did not think that improvements in treatment were possible but this is a dynamic process and I have no doubt that I had the best possible treatment within the framework of the existing facilities and the perceived wisdoms at the time of my treatment. Only time will tell if my treatment was such that I will die of something else other than prostate cancer - August 2005.